Audi – Dakar E-Bike

Audi – Dakar E-Bike

German automobile giant Audi is about to extend its e-mobility portfolio by introducing a newly developed electric mountain bike that will utilise e-bike maker Fantic's battery technology.
Relying on a hardy enduro frame constructed with lightweight aluminium, the recently designed vehicle has been specifically crafted for a comfortable riding stance that allows the user to "react to obstacles and terrain ahead".

Audi has bragged that its flagship electric bike permits travelling and tough riding. This can be achieved due to the suspension travel specifications of 18mm coupled with sturdy off-road tyres. The electric bike can perform perfectly during descending rides, and the company has underlined this as its "greatest strength".
This new Audi e-MTB displays an outer framework resembling the company's RS e-tron Dakar racing car. A Fantic 720Wh battery pack has been hooked onto the e-bike's aluminium frame. The battery optimises a Bros S-MAG 250W motor that can yield up to 66 lb-ft of torque.

The aluminium handlebar of the e-bike has an embedded digital screen that flashes primary data such as agility and battery strength. Aluminium is vital in giving a very lightweight framework to Audi's e-bike, and the company has deliberately made good use of the metal to make its electric bike feather-like in weight. Lightweight aluminium two-wheelers may travel faster than conventional steel-bodied, robust models. Moreover, the purpose with which the e-bike was designed has been fully utilised as lighter vehicles may cross uneven terrains with outstanding balance and style.