Are you ready?

Are you ready to know about a platform that will carry the aluminum industry to the future? Did you know that aluminium is an indispensable part of hundreds of sectors, especially in Space, Air, Land, Sea and Construction sectors, and aluminum, the metal of the next centuries, is used in nearly 6,000 products in hundreds of sectors around the world? How much did you realize that aluminium, the representative of Health, Durability and Aesthetics, transforms professional thoughts and projects into modern designs in the developing world?

Think about it...

  • Artificial intelligence,
  • Autonomous systems,
  • Robotic mechanisms,
  • Top digital shopping models,
  • Gateways to the greatness of world trade,
  • Social networks maximizing the commercial activities,
  • Digital trading platforms that cruise to the future,
  • New markets that have expanded, and turning into trillions of dollars in business volume,
  • The rapid progress towards an annual production volume of 100 million tons by coming to the fore with new usage areas in the world, aluminium, which grows against all these facts and is an indispensable product of the markets.

The Industry's Trade Is Reshaped

  • How much share will aluminum sector companies get from this development in the global market and digital world?
  • What should companies do to actively trade in a period when the future of world trade is changing?
  • How can buying products, selling products,being instantly informed about the innovations in the sector, can be done through a single network
  • What does it bring to be integrated into this unique platform where millions of users from hundreds of countries will be invited?
  • Can I trade online with social networks from any part of the world?

All the questions of the aluminum sector companies will be answered by the online trade they will participate in the Alufair Digital Transformation Platform Project from every corner of the world.