MAD's first South American building will resemble "twisting vines"

MAD's first South American building will resemble

Chinese architecture studio MAD has unveiled visuals of Qondesa, a skyscraper for Ecuador's capital Quito that will feature a planted facade and become the city's tallest building. Qondesa's exterior is designed with a "stone colouring" in reference to the surrounding buildings in Quito, many of which were constructed from volcanic rocks as the city is located on the eastern slopes of the stratovolcano Pichincha.
The building's facade will feature an elaborate organic design, informed by the tower's natural surroundings.
"Growing from the earth to the sky, Qondesa's exterior facade emulates twisting vines weaving around the building to taper at its top, and sprout greenery which form planters throughout the building's balconies," MAD said.
As well as featuring planted balconies to give the facade a visually green aspect, the building is set to be constructed using "eco-efficient engineering", MAD said.
This includes measures to ensure the responsible consumption of resources and energy, as well as comprehensive waste management starting from the building's construction stage.